Brahman Mah Swapnavat

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The Slayer of the demon king Mahish-asura.

The Goddess who rules all love and desire. The One whose teeth are red with the blood of demons.

Drinking all blood shed during the cosmic war The One whose body is red with blood. Having a skull full of blood in Your Hand. Having a liking for blood. Having a taste for eating flesh. Whose mind is absorbed in the sweetness of bliss. Holding a severed head dripping with blood, the ego of devotees. | Adorned with a garland of human skulls.

Seated on a dead body as the creative force of Shri Shiva

Of Caring and Healing Hands.

The Shakti of Lord Shiva as the Cosmic Form of the universe.

Riding on a bull.

Dressed in a tiger skin.

Wearing the deer-skin of an ascetic

Riding on a lion

The Goddess of surpassing beauty.

The Great Goddess unsurpassed in all aspects.

The Fairest and Purest of all.

Radiantly beautiful with all forms of all knowledge.

Of childlike innocence.

Eternally Youthful.

Maturity and Wisdom.

The Embodiment of Old Age as the Daughter of Death.

Having beautiful eye-brows and forehead. Charming and Playful.

The Expounder of the Oneness of all Creation with Brahma.

Divine Knowledge incarnate. Exceedingly Great

The Well-spring of dreams.

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