Brahmarakshasa vetalaha Kushmanda Bhairavadayaha

All those who mesmerize others, all female goblins, all yakshas and gandharvas Nashyanti darshanat tasya kavache hridi sam-sthite. (49)

Are destroyed just by the sight of the person having Kavach in his heart.

Manonnatihi bhaved ragnyaha tejo-vriddhi-karam param.

That person receives more and more respect and prowess. Yashasa vardhate so-pi k!rti-mandita-bhutale, (50)

On the earth he rises in prosperity and fame

Japeta sapta-shat! 'Chand!m' kritvam tu kavacham pura,

By reading the Kavach and Sapta-shati (700 verses in praise of Shri Durga). Yavat bhumandale dhatte sashaila-vanak-ananam. (51)

Tavat tisht,hati medinyam santatim putra-pautrik!,

His progeny would live as long Dehante param sthanam yat surairapi dur-labham. (52)

As the earth is rich with mountains and forests.

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