Chandrarkanalakoti kotT sadrisha chandramshubimbadharT

Like ten million moons, suns and fires, Supporter of the orb of the moons rays, Chandr-ark-agni samana kuntala dharT, chandr-arka varn-eshwarT,

You wear the Sun, Moon and fire like Your hair O, Ruler of the Sun and Moon, Mala pustaka pashas-ankusha dharT, Kashipur-adhTshwarT,

Bearer of garlands, ornaments, noose and goad, O Empress of Kashi, Bhiksham dehi krip-avalambana karT, Matanna-purneshwarT (9)

Grant our boon, O Compassionate Mother, most abundant Giver of sustenance, He Mata Nirmal-eshwarT. O, Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

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