Shri Abraham

Shri Moses

Founder of Jewish law. Egypt c. 1250 BCE

Shri Zarathustra

Forefather of the 12 tribes of Israel. Israel c.2000 BCE

Instituted Monotheism and fire worship. Persia, c. 1800 BCE

Shri Raja Janaka

King of Mithila and Father of Shri Sïtâ. India, c. 8000 BCE

Shri Confucius

Taught ethics and compiled I Citing. China, b. 549 bce

Shri Guru Nanak

Founder of the Sikhs. India, b. 1469 ce

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba

Prophesied Shri MatajVs birth. India, c.1840-1918 ce

Shri Lao-Tsu

Author of Tao Te Citing China, b. 604 BCE

Shri Mohammed

Founder of Islam. Arabia, d 632 ce

Shri Socrates

Founder of Greek philosophy. Greece, b. 431 BCE

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