Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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All Attainments and Fruitfulness of Nature. Smiling Brightly.

The One who charmed the demon Mahish-asura, the mighty son of Rambha.

Very Pleasing, healing the mind of pain and pressure. The Consort of the moon and the ninth star-sign. The Wife of Shri Kamadeva, and the fifth star-sign. The Bounteous Wife of Shri Shiva and the tenth star-sign. Bearing the conch shell as a weapon against the demons. Holding the Discus to maintain peace on the earth. The Dark-hued Wielder of the mace to crush down the demons.

The Lotus-holding Mother Brandishing a trident.

The Club-holding Mother paving the way for fresh creation.

The Noose-holding Mother uprooting the Demonic force. The Guardian of all furnished with a bow. Bearing a bow.

The Smoky radiance of the cosmic illusion.

The Consort of Sharabha, Shri Vishnu.

Wearing a garland of Jasmine flowers like Lord Krishna

The Chariot-Seated Mother waging war against the demons.

Happy on the Battlefield.

Swift and Ferocious.

The Expert in the science of war.

Wearing twisted and matted locks of hair.

The Thunder-bolt-handed Mother

In a playful mood with creation as Your drama.

The Ocean of Beauty.

Like the Moon.

Fond of offerings and oblations. The Object of the highest worship. Perfect and Complete. The Slayer of the demon-chiefs.

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