Daksha yagnya nhin Durga trin

of Lord Shiva.

The Destroyer of the fire-sacrifice performed by King Daksha. || The Saviour of Humanity from all difficulties.

Ijya pUjya Vibh!r bhUti Sat-k!rtih 550 Brahma rUpin! | RambhorUh




Manasvin! Deva-mata Yashasya

Brahma-charin! | 560 Siddhi-da Vriddhi-da Vriddhih Sarv-adya

Agadha rUpin! Dhyeya

Mooladhara nivasin! | Agnya Pragnya 570 PUrna-mana Chandra mukh! Anu-kUlin! ||

Vava dUka Nimna nabhih Satya sandha Drinha vrata Anv!k shik! Danda n!tih Tray! 580 Tri-diva sundar! Jvalin!

The Most Revered Guru to be worshipped.

Giving rise to all fear.

Famous for good qualities.

Manifesting as the Supreme Spirit.

Of Smooth and Tapering Thighs, a form of female beauty.

The Mother of four sides

The Triumph of light over ignorance.

Intensely Compassionate.

The Dark Night the new moon

The Spirit of the mind.

The Mother of the Gods.

The Supreme Object of fame and celebration

The One who observes celibacy.

The Bestower of all success.

The Grantor of all satisfaction.

All Prosperity and Growth.

The Primordial Originator of everything.

The Giver of everything.

The Form of all beauty.

The Supreme Object of meditation

The Energy dwelling in the Sacrum bone.

The Over-ruling Deity of the universe.

Supreme Wisdom.

Of perfect mind.

The One whose face is like the moon Kindly and well disposed.

Charming everyone with the magic of Your speech. Having a deep navel as a sign of great wisdom. In a fixed state of truth and reality | The Spirit of resolution and determination. The Embodiment of all logic and philosophy. The One who administers justice. The Spirit of Three (Vedas, Nadis, Gunas etc.) || Heavenly Beauty personified. The Flame of the Spirit.

Jvalini r

Shaila-tanay! Vindhya-vasini Pra-tyay! KhecharT Dhairy! TurTy! Vimala-tur! 590 Pragalbh!

Varunich-chhaya r

ShashinT VisphuliƱganT Bhaktih Siddhih

Sad! praptih

Pra-kamya Mahim-anim! Ichcha siddhih 600 Vashitv!

Ishitv-ordhva nivasinT |

Laghim! (chaiva)



Bhuvan-eshwarT || Mano-har! Chita Divya Devyudar! 610 Mano-ram! |

PiƱgala Kapila

Blazing with light to destroy the evil forces.

The Daughter of the holy Himalayas.

The Dweller of the Vindhya Mountains as Lord Krishna.

The Spirit of faith and conviction.

The Aerial Spirit in the atmosphere.

Steady, Calm and Courageous.

The Fourth State of pure spirit.

The Supreme State of purity

Confident and Resolute.

The Beautiful Shri Lakshmi, born of the ocean.

The Moon as the Spouse of Lord Shiva

Blazing Sparks of love.

The Spirit of devotion in the hearts of all.

The Supreme Spirit of universal accomplishment and Bestower of the eight supernatural powers, enumerated in the following seven names.

Having the power of always obtaining everything at will.

Having the Power of Irrestible will. Able to become very large or very small at will. Having the power of controlling one's desires. The Power of indomitability and subduing others to one's will.

Dwelling in the Highest realms above witht the power of supremacy over all.

The Power of becoming weightless.

The Gayatri Mantra personified as the wife of Shri Brahma.

The Shakti of the sun, worshipped in the Gayatri Mantra

The Supreme Mother of the universe.

Beautiful and Attractive, winning the hearts of all.

The Spirit of the funeral pyre.

All Divine qualities.

The Goddess of compassion

Loving and Pleasing to all.

Golden-Hued as the qualities of the right side

The Tawny-hued Mother as a mythical wish-fulfilling cow.

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