Dashagr Tva shirohara

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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You are:

The Joy-giving Incarnation of Shri Vishnu. The Auspicious and Pleasing One. He whose countenance is pleasing like the Moon. Eternal.

The One with lotus-like eyes. Glorious.

The King of Kings.

The Star among the race of the Raghu. The Most Beloved of Shri Sita. Victorious.

The One who defeats all enemies.

The Lord of the people.

Loved by Sage Vishwamitra.

The One who is restrained and patient.

The Lord who is devoted to the protection of those who seek refuge.

The Destroyer of Vali, usurper of Sugriva's throne.

The One with sweet speech.

The Speaker of Truth.

Victorious in the name of Truth.

The One whose vow is the Truth.

The One who administers justice.

The Eternal Refuge of Shri Hanuman.

The Son of Shri Kausalya.

The Destroyer of the demon Khara.

The Master who released the demon Viradh from a curse.

The Protector of Ravana's brother, Vibhishana.

The One who broke the great bow of Shri Shiva.

The One who pierced seven fan-palms with one arrow.

The One who severed the ten heads of Ravana.

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