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Any changes that have been made will, we hope, not detract from our unfailing admiration for the original Mantra Book and will further enhance this great edifice of praise of Shri Mataji in all Her forms.

One idea is to try and bring the way we non-Indians say Sanskrit in line with the way it is spoken in India. To this end the Sanskrit has been notated and a section added on Sanskrit pronunciation.

Some more items have been added notably Sanskrit names of Shri Lakshm!, Shri Kr$is$hn$a and Lord Jesus and another set of names of Shri Ganesha; 84 names of Shri Vis$hn$umaya in English, some chapters from the Devi Mahatmyam, Kavach of the Devi in Sanskrit, Devi Atharva Sheersha and the 1000 names of Shri Mahakal!, as being useful for Havan (among other things) Most of these are items already published in Sahaja Yoga.

Many translations have been reworked but to maintain compatability with the old Mantra Book, in general the Sanskrit names have not been changed except where definitely incorrect. The exception to this is that, in the previous edition, some sets of names ended in -aya or -e which is the dative ending and is appropriate when using a mantra such as Om Shri Vinayak-aya namaha

(salutations to_ ). In this edition, all the names of the Deities have been written in the case-less form, so that throughout, we can preface the name with Om twameva saks$hat - 'You are...'

The translations have also been re-worded so that they can be prefaced with 'You are.', this being the translation of 'twameva'..

Quite often the most commonly used name of a Deity does not appear in their set of names (Shri Gan$esha, Karttikeya, Adi Guru Dattatreya, Durga, Lakshmi etc.) so you will find these names in the form of Shri Mataji's mantra at the beginning of these sets of names, as it would seem appropriate to take that first.

Shri Mataji has commented that when transcribing Her talks we should correct Her English if it is not grammatically correct - so any quotations that appear in this book may have been adjusted accordingly.



page 1


Gan$esha Atharva Sheersha

Editorial Standards 5

Table of Contents 6

Diacritic marks 9

Notes on Sanskrit pronunciation 10

Shri Mataji's promise and declaration 14

Aarti -Sab.ko dua dena 16

Prayer - Mother, Please Come in my Heart 17

Morning Prayer 17

Shri Mataji : On Meditation 18

Meditation with Shri Mataji 22

I see a mountain 25

Mantras in Sahaja Yoga (by Shri Mataji ) 26

Om 31

Mantras.- Left Side 33

Right side 34

Centre Channel 35

Affirmations 37

Lord's Prayer 40

Raghupati Raghava Sita Ram 40

Jay Jagadambe Mata Bhavani 40

Advice at Chelsam Road 41

Sayings from Shri Mataji 43

Prayers for Agnya and Heart 44

Are You Progressing Well? 45

How to awaken Shri Gan$esha's Power within you... 12 Names of Shri Gan$esha - Nirvighnam-astu

AUM, to the Divine Essence of the Prayer 48

Aarti to Lord Gan$esha

How to clear the Mooladhara Chakra 51

108 Holy Names of Shri Gan$esha

108 Holy Names of Lord Gan$esha(English)

111 Names of Shri Gan$esha

108 Names of Shri Karttikeya 66

Gayatri Mantra 71

21 Names of Shri Brahmadeva Saraswati 72_

Prayer to Shri #di Bhoomi Devi 73_

54 58

Muladhara }


T^cci^cj ^TTSTTrC

Shri Ashta Lakshmi (inc. Shri Santaana- +Raja- Lakshmi)... 74

Aparajita Hymn 76

Hymn to Shri Narayani. Devi Mahatmyam chapter 11 78

24 Names of Shri Vis$hn$u

108 Names of Lord Vis$hn$u 86

Praise to Shri Vis$hn$u 89

10 Holy Petals of Nabhi Chakra 90

108 Names of Shri Lakshmi 91_

Guru Mantra 94

10 Primordial Masters 94

108 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya 95

113 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya 100_

Prayer to Shri Annapurna 103

You are the Mother (Twameva Mata) 105

Prayer to the Divine Mother 106

Prayer to the Devi 106

Shri Rama Jayam 107

Ram-raksha (Rama Kavacha) 108

108 Names of Shri Rama 112

Atma Ashtakam (FormerlyTad Niskala) 117

108 Names of Shri Shiva 119

108 Names of the Sacred River Ganges 124

84 Names of Shri Durga 129

108 Names of Shri Durga 132_

84 names of Shri Vis$hn$umaya 136

99 Names of Allah 138 16 Names of Shri Radha Kr$is$hn$a Krishna

108 Names of Shri Radha Kr$is$hn$a(Sanskrit) 108 Names of Shri Kr$is$hn$a (English)

Advice with Ekadasha Rudra Problems Prayer for Shri Buddha Puja Shri Buddha's Mantras Mantras for Shri MahaGan$esha 11 Ekadasha Rudras

108 Names of Lord Jesus Christ (Sanskrit) 108 Names of Lord Jesus Christ (English) Shri Bhagavati Prayer to the Almighty Shri Nirmala Namaskar Kavach of the Devi (Sanskrit) Devi Atharva Sheersha Mantras of Virata

85 } Nabhi Shri Lakshmi Vishnu

154 158_ 161 161 163 169 173

Void /Adi Guru

Heart Shri Devi

Shri Rama

Shri Shiva

Shri Durga

Vishuddhi 40 } Shri Radha

Agnya Chakra Ekadasha Rudras

Shri Devi/ Shri Mataji/ Sahasrara

Mantras for Shri Nirmala 185

108 Names of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 187

What is the greatest mistake? 192_

21 Names of Shri Bhairava for the Id$ä Nädi 193

108 Names of Shri Mahäkali 194_

Prayer to Mahäsaraswati 198

Shri Hanumana Chalisa- 199_

108 Names of Shri Mahälakshmi (Latin) 204

27 Names of Mary Mahälakshmi (Latin) 208

Mahalakshmi Stotram /Padma Purana 209_

Negativity Destroying Mantras 210

Praise by Ädi Shan$karacharya 210

To My Flower Children 211

108 Names of the Devi 215

1000 names of Shri Mahäkali 219

The Creation of Shri Ganesha 252

The story of Shri Karttikeya 263

Havan. 267

Glossary -Meanings of the names of Chakras etc 269

Standard Meditations 275

Subtle System 280

Notes on sources of prayers 281

Changes to original SYMB 285

Diacritic marks

See the following 'Notes on Sanskrit pronunciation' for more detail.

Left Side

Right Side Central Channel a I u

'h long a sound as in 'cart' long i sound as in 'keen' long u sound as in 'pool'

o with implied a at start of next word (o is always long as in 'go') e with implied a at start of next word (e is always long as in 'hay') aspirated t (there is no th sound as in 'the')

t*, d$, ' $h, d$h -cerebral consonants pronounced at the roof of the mouth. s$h - aspirated sh as in 'shoot'.

sh -unaspirated sh as in 'sure'.

r$i or r$u -r as a vowel- like 'rich' -the i or u is not really there.

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The Chakra Checklist

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