G yatri Mantra

Om Bhflha Om Bhuvaha, Om Swaha, Om Mahaha, Om Janaha, Om Tapaha, Om Satyam. (Om bhur-bhuvahaswaha)* Om tat-savitur-varenyam, bhargo devasya dh!-mahi, Dhi-yoyonaha prachodayat, Om apo jyoti-rasom-ritam, Brahma bhur-bhuvaha swarom.

OM, You are the seven worlds, the seven realms of the Chakras; Namely the Earth, the Atmosphere, the Heaven of the Gods, The World of Joyful Glory, the Collectivity of all living beings, The Sacred Fire of Renunciation and the Ultimate Reality.

OM, Thou Savitri, Power of Creation, Most excellent among the glorious Devas, O Great Object of devotion, according to Your wisdom, Stimulate and direct our attention. OM, Thou born of the ocean, It is auspicious to worship You with the sacred fire. You are the Supreme Spirit, Earth, Sky, Heaven And the Primordial Sound OM itself.

*this extra phrase appears in Indian versions but not in the Western texts.

This ancient hymn is in praise of Lord Savitri ('the Impeller'), the Personification of the Power of the Sun, and an aspect of Shri Brahmadeva. It is recorded in the Rig Veda and is recited morning and evening by the twice-born as they light the sacred fire.

It is composed in the Gayatri metre consisting of three lines of eight syllables each

This hymn addresses the elements of the Pingala Nadi, the Right Side, and is helpful for those whose right side needs development.

The 21 names of Shri Brahmadeva-Saraswati.

Jay Shrï Brahmadeva Saraswatï!

Intelligence and Awakening.

Shrï Apa-tattwa-swâminï Shrï Prithvi-tattwa-swâminï

Shrï Akasha-tattwa-ïshwarï Shrï Anïla-tattwa-ïshwarï

Shrï Tejo-tattwa-ïshwarï Shrï Jala-tattwa-ïshwarï Shrï Bhumi-tattwa-ïshwarï

Shrï Hiranya-garbha r

Shrï Pancha-tan-matrasi Shrï Pancha-bhutes)hu Shrï Vishwa Shrï Taijas-atmika Shrï Pragny-atmika r _

Shrï Turya

Salutations to You who are:

Shrï Buddhi namo namaha Perception

Cognition and the sense of individuality. The Sun, the principle of heating. The Moon, the principle of cooling.

Master of Divine Qualities. Master of the Qualities of the Wind God. Master of all Light and Splendour. Master of the Qualities of the Oceans. Master of the Qualities of the Mother Earth.

Lord of the Quality of Ether.

Lord of the Quality of the Air and Wind.

Lord of the Quality of Fire and Light.

Lord of the Quality of Water.

Lord of the Qualities of the Earth.

The Golden Egg of Creation. The five Subtle Elements. The five Gross Elements. The Intellectual faculty. The Essence of all life energy. The Essence of all intelligence. The Fourth State of Pure Spirit.

Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devyai namo namaha

This worship of Lord Brahmadeva and Shri Saraswati as the Form of the Universe is, like the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha, expounding the Samkhya philosophy in which there are 25 *tattwas (Divine Principles) composing the Universe, 24 of which are manifestations of Prakriti, or Adi Shakti, and the 25th being Purusha, the Supreme Spirit, Shri Sadashiva, who pervades,

_ r animates and witnesses the creation of Adi Shakti. These 24 tattwas are:-

Buddhi- The faculty of Perception or Intelligence, also called Mahat, which gives rise to:-Aham-kara- 'I am'-ness, ego, conception of indivuality. From this arises:-5 Tan-matras -The 5 subtle elements, which give rise to the 5 gross elements and are the objects of the 5 senses, gandha (smell)-earth, rasa (taste)-water, rupa (form-the object of sight)-fire, sparsha (touch)-air and shabda (sound)-ether. 5 Bhutas The 5 gross elements- Earth, air, fire, water and ether. 5 organs of action- Speech, hands, feet, reproduction and excretion. 5 organs of sense- Ears, skin, eyes, tongue, nose. Manas- The heart/mind, psyche, thinking/feeling. A-vyakta- The 'Unmanifested' part of the Adi Shakti, the KundalinI, as the pure desire to reunite with the Purusha.

A prayer to Shri Adi Bhoomi Devi r

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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