How to clear Mool dh ra Chakra

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To manifest Shri Ganesha, we have to do certain amount of Tapasya-penance. First we have to say, when we sit for meditation, that; 'I am going to be worthy of Your appreciation. Make me humble, so that I am appreciated by You, and my only desire is to please You' Then sit down in complete preparedness, meditating over your Mooladhara, putting your attention to it with absolute purity. Now you have My Photograph before you and you tell The Photograph, 'Mother, You are Shri Ganesha. You give me wisdom and discretion.'

So, attention at the Mooladhara Chakra, which is actually below the Sacrum bone. You put the right hand towards the photograph and left hand on the Mother Earth. Now this will tell you that your mind, or your brain which is full of confusion, which has no discretion, which is complicated, which does the same mistakes again and again, which does not understand how to cure the ills of bad feelings, all that can be cured (if you put your right hand towards me and the left hand to the Mother Earth) so in action you do like that.

Now He is the essence of everything that is material, that has Bhava, that has been created; through Him everything has been created. When you develop that, you develop your sense of subtle creativity, and the sense of subtle appreciation of creativity. Then you develop your discretion of how to behave with others, in a beautiful manner so that your ego is controlled. The behaviour should be such that there should be no expression of ego in your behaviour. Your Mother is a good example.

Now many people should try this thing:-

Sitting in a group together, meditating , saying the Mantra of Shri Ganesha, to try to build up. Those who think too much, they should also try to say, 'not this, not this, not this,..'

Even the superego when it gives you thoughts, you should say,' not this, not this, not this____' So you will develop that state where you stand yourself and nothing else.

So the innocence plays, but it is not involved. It sees the play. Just sees. It enjoys the play. Just enjoys. So today when we are thinking of Shri Ganesha, let us desire that, 'within us His great power of innocence be enlightened.'

How to make Shri Ganesha throw His light in your attention? Mentally you are very alert but you can always cheat yourself.

You should see yourself; introspect; why can't I meditate? Am I going to miss out? Why can't I do something that is good for me? Introspection is the only way. You can see yourself how far you are from Shri Ganesha. If you are wise then not only will you accept but will understand and penetrate into your attention through your Central Nervous System. With experience you learn. As when you burn your finger you learn not to put your hand to a candle. The wisdom is there within you. Now you have started a new spiritual life. When you are going into the spiritual life try to remember your experiences- how you got transformed. This will take away your depression to begin with. Then you should think what do I have to do further. Am I really wise or am I stupid? After getting your self-realisation when Shri Ganesha is shining in your attention, you should see your reflection clearly and try to correct it. Only this much if you have, that I have to work out my benevolence, you will do it.

As far as money or job is concerned, a lot of wisdom is there because these things mean prestige and security in the society. The second stage is that we are not for money- money is for us. If your attention is alright your priorities will change. To awaken Shri Ganesha you should at least have a minimum wisdom. What is our benevolence? Is it money? Those who have money don't seem to be very happy. Is it jobs? It doesn't mean you are jobless. Is it power? You want political, social powers. It is an absolutely joyless pursuit.

H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi s I

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