The Great Dark Goddess with beautiful hips.

The Spouse of Lord Shiva as the Dark Destroyer.

The Giver of light to the whole world family.

The Fulfiller of all desires.

The Embodiment all beauty and delicacy.

The Highest Object of desire.

Gifted with ambrosial delicacy of nature.

Having limbs smeared with the finest musk.

The One whose gait surpasses that of Lord Indra's elephant

The One whose whole body resounds with the sound Ka, the first consonant of the sacred Deva-nagari script.

The Perfect Beauty of Lord Cupid. The Ecstasy of passions. Of the Form of Desire.

The Fulfiller of all wishes, like Sage Vasishfha's Divine cow.

The Goddess of art and spirituality in art

All Radiance and Self-effulgence.

The Absolute Form of Desire

Desire of all sorts.

The Preserver of the world family.

Born in a royal family.

The Mother to the family of the whole world.

Riding on a tiger, overcoming all evil-doers.

The Remover of obstacles and troubles.

The Spirit of Virginity.

Born of the highest family.

The Divine Dark Mother.


The One with a thin belly.


The Thunderbolt-bodied Mother The Creator of the powerful mantra Kreen. The Lotus-like Spouse of Lord Vishnu. The Cosmic spirit of fine arts.

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