Jayanta trana varada Sumitra putra sevita Sarva devadhi deva Mruta vanara jvana Maya Marcha hantri Mahadeva Mahabhuja Sarva deva stuta Saumya

The Killer of the demoness Tat*aka.

The Epitome of Spiritual Knowledge. The Spirit of the Vedas. The Healer of diseases.

The Slayer of the demons Trishira and Dushana.

Shri Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva incarnate.

The Nature of the three gunas.

The One who covers the three worlds in three steps.

The Soul of the three worlds.

Famous for Your unblemished character.

The Protector of the three Worlds.

Armed with a bow.

The One who lived in the Dandaka forest.

The One who released Ahalya from a curse.

Devoted to Your father.

The Giver of boons.

The Conqueror of the senses.

The One who has conquered anger.

The One who has overcome avarice.

The Preceptor of the World.

The One who assembled the army of bears and monkeys.

The One who took residence in the area of


Generous in victory.

Served by Shri Lakshmana.

The One outstanding among all the Devas.

The Restorer of life to the dead monkeys.

The Destroyer of Mareecha's illusory deer form.

The Great God.

The One with mighty Arms.

Praised by all the Devas.

Of a Gentle, Placid and Cheerful Nature.

Brahmanya Muni sam-stuta Maha-yogi Mahodara

Sugrïv-epsita rajyada Sarva punyadhika phala Smrita sarv-agha nashana

)di purusha Parama purusha Maha purusha

Punyodaya Daya sara

Purana purush-ottama Smita vaktra Mita bhashin Purva bhashin Raghava

Ananta guna gambhïra Dhïrodatta gun-ottama

Maya manusha charitra

Maha-dev-abhi pujita Setu krit Jita varïsha Sarva tïrtha maya Hari r

Shyam-anga Sundara r

Shura Pïta-vasas Dhanur dhara

Having the knowledge of the Para-Brahman. Praised by all the Saints. The Great Yogi. Big-bellied.

The One who restoredSugreeva's Kingdom. The One who gives credit for all good deeds.

The Destroyer of the impurities of those who remember You with devotion.

The Primordial Man.

The Highest Human.

The Greatest among human beings.

The Giver of good fortune as a result of virtuous acts.

The Epitome of Compassion.

The Greatest of ancient heroes.

The One who speaks with a smiling face.

Of measured speech.

The One who graciously speaks first.

Born in the Raghu dynasty.

Characterised by boundless good qualities.

The highest qualities of courage and noble mindedness

The One whose exploits and character are full of the illusion of being human.

The One who is greatly reverenced by Shri Shiva.

The One who built a bridge over the sea.

The One who conquered the Ocean.

The Essence of all holy places.

Shri Vishnu.

Dark bodied.



The One who is wears a yellow dhoti. Armed with a bow.

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