Kshatratrana karT mahabhaya karT mata kripa sagarT

O, Protector of warriors, Remover offears, O, Mother who is an ocean of kindness, Sakshan moksha karT sada shiva karT vishv-eshwara shrT-dharT, Bestower of true liberation, ever-auspicious Sustainer of the Lord of this universe, Daksh-akranda karT nir-amaya karT, Kashipur-adhTshwarT,

Who made King Daksha wail, Protector from diseases. O Empress of Kashi, Bhiksham dehi krip-avalambana karT, Matanna-purneshwarT, (10)

Grant our boon, O Compassionate Mother, most abundant Giver of sustenance, He Mata Nirmal-eshwarT. O, Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

Anna purne sada purne, O Shri Anna-purna, ever replete, r

Shankara prana vallabhe, Most beloved of Shri Shiva,

Gnyana vairagya siddhy-artham, Give us knowledge and freedom from desires,

Bhiksham dehi cha Parvati. (11) The highest realisation is You, O Parvati.

Mata cha Parvati devi, You are our Mother, O Goddess Parvati,

Pita devo Maheshwaraha, Our Father the great Lord Shiva.

Bandhavaha Shiva bhaktash cha, The collectivity of Shiva devotees is Swa-deshT bhuvana trayam. (12) Our family throughout the three worlds.

Bolo Shri Matanna-purneshwari sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji r

Shri Nirmala Devi ki...jai!

The first four and last two verses were included in the Original Mantrabook.

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