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The Knower of the Sense of Taste of the tongue.

Tasting the finest enjoyment.

The Very Pleasing Consort of Shri Vishnu

The Spirit of Yoga permeating the Sushumna and Ida channels.

One of the Heavenly Singers. The Destoyer of the demon Narak

Shri Draupadi, sister to Lord Krishna and wife of the Pandavas.

The Devoted Wife of Shri Krishna

The Beloved of Shri Krishna and the Eternal Soul of the Lord.

The Supreme Object of worship.

The Spirit of Faithful Wifehood.

Giving love and prosperity to Your ardent adorers.

The Nectar that enlivens the Prana of the entire creation.

The sacred Tulasi plant used in worshipping Lord Vishnu.

Mother Tulasi wedded to Shri Vishnu The Slayer of the powerful demon Kaitabha. The Supreme Ruler of delusion and deceit. The Supremely Fierce and Angry Goddess. The Mother of the courageous. The Beautiful Warrior Goddess. The Supreme Fury.

Known as the Foster-mother of Lord Krishna.

The Mother of Lord Krishna

The Mother of the Gods.

The Pure Mother who is beyond all passions.

The Goddess of many brilliant forms.

Divine Anger personified

The Light of the world.

The Supreme Speaker for the family.

The Cosmic Flame.

The Holy Mother.

Dark like the Southern people of India.

Drava Yogeshwar! Maha-mar! Bhramar! Vindu rupin!

650 Dut!

Pran-eshwar! Gupta Bahula D(amar! Prabha Kubjika Gnyanin! Jyes*h'ha Bhushund! 660 Prakat*-akritih Dravin! gopin!


Kama b!jeshwar! Priya r





Ameya vikram-akrüra 670 Sam-pach shíl-ati-vikrama | Swastir havya vaha Prítih Us*hma

Dhumr-archi ranga-da Tapiní Tapiní

Vishva bhoga-da

The Softness melting all grief and pain. The Goddess of Yoga. The Divine Essence of medicine Shri Durga in the form of a bee. The tiny dot as the nucleus of the universe. Lord Shiva's Ambassador. The Ruler of Life's Energy. The Protector of all. The Spirit of Abundance. The Governor of the fetters that bind us. The Radiant Mother Taking a Hunch-backed form. The Treasure-house of knowledge. The Eldest Goddess. Wielding the mighty Bhushundi weapon. Manifested without doing anything. Taking the Form of a dark-skinned Cowherdess to play with Shri Krishna The Creator of Cosmic Illusion The Ultimate Controller of the seeds of desire The Beloved.

The Giver of life-supporting herbs and the place of pilgrimage sacred to Shri Durga. The Giver of Lotuses as the Source of the Chakras. Having patience and all good qualities.

The Divine Mother as an Apsara (Heavenly Maiden).

Of immeasurable strength and gentleness Of Splendid Character and Peerless Courage. The Success of all sacred fire-offerings. Loving and Delightful. The Heat of anger and passion. || The One who gives colour to flame and smoke. Refinement through Austerity. Creating heat through penance. The Bestower of enjoyment to the Whole Universe

Bhoga dharinï Tri-khanda 68o Bodhinï Vashya Sakala

Vishva rupinï Bïja rupa Maha-mudra Vashinï Yoga rupinï Anañga kusuma Anañga mekhala 69o Anañga rupinï Anañga madana Anañga rekha

Anañg-añkush-eshwarl j

Anañga malinï Kam-eshwarï Sarv-artha sadhika Sarva tantra mayï

| The Source of joys and pleasures

The Mother Earth divided into three portions. Awakening and Enlightenment. All Wealth and Prosperity. Complete.

|| The Form of the whole universe

The Cosmic Seed.

The Mighty Mother blessing with the hands. Embodying Self-mastery and universal authority. | The Goddess realizable only through Yoga.

The Blossoming of the incorporeal God of Love. Having a Love-inducing Waist . || Having the form of the formless God of Love. Intoxicated with the Joy of Love.

The Divine Mother who puts a passionate streak in every person.

The Supreme Goddess who hooks all with the snare of love. Wearing a garland of human passions. The Goddess of Desire and Love. || The Fulfiller of all purposes.

The Substance of all doctrines and practices. Modíny-arun-anañga rüpiní | Rejoicing as the Form of all desire. Vajreshwar! (cha) The Supreme Goddess wielding the Thunderbolt.

700 Janan! The Supreme Mother

Sarva duhkha kshayan kar! || The Remover of all pain and misfortune

Shadañga yuvatï Yoga-yukta Jval-añshu-malinl Dur-ashaya Dur-adharsha Durgyeya Durga-rupinï Duranta 7io Dush-kriti-hara Durdhyeya

The Six-limbed young Mother.

Eternally Connected in Yoga.

Wearing a garland of flames.

The One who cannot be destroyed by death.


Never Overcome.

Having an inaccessible form.


The Remover of malignant desires Hard to contemplate.

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