The One whose gaping mouth devours all. The Spirit of Cosmic Dissolution. The Unsurpassed Grace that blesses a family. Wrathful.

Radiant with Fury.

The Light of Your devotees.

All Wisdom and Enlightened Consciousness.

Devouring evil through Your mighty mouth.

The Dark Cloud of Destruction for the demons.

The Adored Mother.

The Meter of poetry.

Blissfully beyond all dimensions.

The Very Spirit of Lord Brahma.

The Shakti of Lord Vishnu, enshrined in every Heart.

Beautiful and Auspicious.

The Mother of all beauteous forms.

Intensely Loving to Your devotees.

The Supreme Mother of Creation.

The Destroyer of the demons Chanda and Munda.

Shri Vishnu in His boar incarnation.

Shri Vishnu as His man-lion incarnation.

The Goddess with very powerful limbs and body.

The One with a mighty skull like a thunder-bolt.

Wearing a garland of human skulls.

Perfect Auspiciousness and Pleasing Form.

Adorned with a garland.

Wreathed with human skulls.

Decorated with dripping blood.

Anointed in red sandalwood paste

Adorned with orange and red powder on Your forehead, the auspicious marriage decoration.

Having a terrifying form.

The One having fierce jaws

Our Protector at times terrifying, sometimes gentle. All Sanctity and Well-being. Endowed with cosmic jaws.

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