Mahakarunya rupin Tapaswin

The Lord and Master of the Âgnya Chakra. The Sun.

The Bestower of Forgiveness.

The One whose Form is Forgiveness.

He who bestows contentment, self-restraint, detachment and patience. He who is the Word Incarnate,

The Primordial Sound Om. The Vibrations of Divine Consciousness. The Primordial Man. He who has a Thousand Heads. He who has a Thousand Eyes. The Ninth Incarnation of the All-pervading Lord. The Son of Shri Vishnu as Shri Krishna. The Higher Form of Shri Vishnu.

He who upholds endless millions of universes. He who was Born of the Golden Egg. He who was Foretold. The One who was attended by the Trimurtis as the three wise men. The Bestower of Purity. He who looks after cows. Served by the cows. The Son of Shri Krishna. The Joy-giving Son of Shri Radha The Destroyer of sins. The Liberator from sins. The Light. The Ether. The Fire.

He whose Form is Great Compassion. The Greatest Ascetic.

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