Mantras for special purposes

To bless food before eating- Shri Anna Purna-

Suggested by H.S.H. Shri Mataji on an India tour in 1981. Shri Anna Purna (Anna- food, rice. Purna- full, complete) is an aspect of Shri Parvati who feeds Lord Shiva so we are asking that the food should nourish our Spirit as well as the body.

Setting off on a journey- Shri Gan)esha and Shri Hanumana.

Music/ learning- Shri SaraswatT.

The Ocean- Shri Varuna/ Shri LakshmT.

Rain/ storms- Shri Parjanya Deva/ Shri Indra.

Lightning- Shri Vis)hn)u-maya.

Fire- Shri Agni Devata.

Wind- Shri Vayu.

Mother Earth Shri Bhumi DevT/ Shri Adi Bhumi DevT.

(said with both hands on the Mother Earth at the beginning of meditation and shoe-beating)

Sea/ footsoaking Shri Samudra Devata.

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