Seated on the spirits and ghosts.

Kind to dead souls.

The Dweller in the land of spirits.

Resident in the cremation-ground as the spirit of dissolution

The Mother of virtues and omens.

The One who showers virtues on living beings.

The Chief Deity of the universal family.

The Abode of all virtues and righteousness.


The Origin of sacred poetry and songs.

The Purifier of all.

The Holiest of Holies.

The Most Sacred Mother.

Supreme and beyond everything.

Decorated with purity and virtues

The One with a holy name.

The Eradicator of fears and doubts.

The Bestower of boons.

The One who defends us with a sword.

Worshipped as holding a skull in Your hand.

In a Headless Form symbolizing egolessness.

Having a beautiful nose.


Having a dark blue complexion. Dark-complexioned like the evening sky. Peace.

Having large and prominent breasts.

Clothed in the sky.

The One who creates violent sounds.

The One who destroys the demons with Her arrows.

The Army of Blood in the Cosmic deluge.

The Fierce-sounding Companion of Lord Shiva.

The One without any companion.

Intoxicated with love.

Frenzied with joy.

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