Namaste garudarudhe kolasura bhayankari

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Obeisance to You who rides on a condor, the annihilator of the fox-demon Kolha,

Sarva papa hare Devi, MahalakshmT namo-stu-te. (2)

Destroyer of our wickedness, we bow to Thee, O Grantor of the Highest knowledge.

Sarva-gnya sarva-varade sarva-dusht*a bhayan-kari,

You are all-knowing, all wish fulfilling, Destroyer of all difficulties,

Sarva duhukha hare Devi, MahalakshmT namo-stu-te. (3)

The Divine Remover of all sorrows, O Great Shakti of Shri Vishnu, we bow to Thee.

Siddhi-buddhi-prade Devi, bhukti-mukti pradayini

O Devi, giver of success, intelligence , worldly enjoyment and liberation

Mantra-murte sada Devi, MahalakshmT namo-stu-te (4)

Thou hast always the Mantras as Thy form, O Mahalakshmi, obeisance to Thee.

Ady-antara-hite Devi, Adya-shakti MaheshwarT

O Devi Maheshwari, without a beginning or an end,

Yogaje yoga-sambhute, MahalakshmT namo-stu-te. (5)

Who leads us to Yoga, whose nature is Yoga, O Mahalakshmi obeisance to Thee.

Sthula sukshma maha-raudre maha-shakti mahodare,

Both vast and subtle, of great fierceness, the great Power and the great Compassion,

Maha-papa hare Devi, MahalakshmT namo-stu-te. (6)

Divine Remover of the greatest of sins, we bow to Thee who takes incarnation for our ascent.

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