Navamam Siddhidatri cha nava Durgah prakirtitah Uktanyetani namani Brahmanaiva mahatmana

The following nine names have been told by the Great Soul Brahmadeva Himself. Shri Durga is known by these names:

First, Shaila-putrT Daughter of the King of Himalayas, Second, BrahmacharinT One Who observes the state of Celibacy, Third, Chandra-ghant*a One Who bears the Moon around Her neck, Fourth, Kush-manda Whose Void contains the Universe, Fifth, Skanda-mata Who gave birth to Shri Karttikeya, Sixth, KatyayanT Who incarnated to help the Devas,

Seventh, Kala-ratrT Who is even the destroyer of Kali,

Eighth, Maha-gaurT One who made great penances, Ninth, Siddhi-datrT One who grants Moksha.

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