Navyersalemeshwara Adinirmalatma

The One who has overcome the senses. The Soul who is beyond the senses. Adorned with the pearl necklace of an ascetic. Having neither beginning nor end.

The Origin of the Self.

The Origin of the Firmament .

The Ocean of Compassion.

The Owner of the trident

The Bearer of the Mighty Bow.


Ever beautiful.

The Lord whose form is half male and halffemale. The Husband of Shri Parvati. The Bestower of sweetness.

Powerful and Fierce.

The Great Destroyer.

The Destroyer of Death.

The Pre-eminent Lord who wears a tiger skin.

The Tormentor of enemies.

The Preceptor of all.


The Soul which is absolutely clear and pure. Fond of Shri Vishnu as man and Avatar. Appreciative and Discriminating.

The One to be attained through devotion.

The Foremost Hero of all the worlds.

The Eternal Life.

The Lord of the Earth.

The Born again Soul.

The Lord of the New Jerusalem.

The Primordial Self of Shri Mataji.

Fond of Sahaja Yogis.

Sakshat Shrï Adi Shakti Matajï Shrï Nirmala Devyai namo namah

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