The One who uses weapons to destroy negativity.

The Wielder of Supreme Weapons.

The Master of the Greatest Weapons.

The One who takes a form as half-man, half-monkey.

The Cause of the birth of the body.

The Body that is beyond all causes.

The God who has no superior.

The Divine Nectar of immortality.

The Breath of Life.

The Support of the life of all beings.

The Highest Aim and the Ultimate Refuge.

The Destroyer of all hostile forces.

The Vanquisher of mighty and heroic demons.

Having a beautiful dark red throat.

The Universal Teacher.

The lustrous golden red-brown colour of the right channel.

The Consummation of Glory.

Devoted to the highest sacred knowledge.

The Joyful Dweller in the Heart.

Fully at One with the Supreme Spirit.

The Friend of holy people.

The Sovereign Lord of everything.

The Giver of Ever-undiminished Blessings.

Faultless Brilliance.

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