Nitya shuddha

United with the Supreme.

The One who enables us to find our right place.

The One who has become high-minded and generous.

The One who has conquered desire, lust and passion.

Most Innocent and Pure.

The Practice and the Spirit of renunciation.

The One who is identified with the Spirit having abandoned all things of the heart and the mind.

The Spirit that gives rise to the mind and emotions.

The One who has gone beyond thinking awareness.

In a constant state of liberation.

The One who attains the supreme state.

Endowed with the highest renunciation.

The Embodiment of renunciation of the world.

The One who practices renunciation.

The One who gives the impetus to withdraw from the senses.

The Ultimate Reality before us in person. The Supreme Goal of all, even the Gods. Lord Shiva Himself. The Destroyer of worldly existence.

The Destroyer of wickedness.

The One who has shaken off all worldly ties.

The One who has eradicated all forms of excitement.

Free from illusion.

The Highest Perception of the Truth.

The Detached Witness that inhabits the body.

The One who lives in the body, the Spirit.

The Fertile Ground for spiritual growth.

The Destroyer of the darkness of worldly illusions.

Completely absorbed in bliss and free from anxiety.

The Protector. Eternally Pure.

Brahma-chärin Hridaya-s'ha Pra-vartana Sam(kalpa duhkha-


Jlva sanjTvana


Pra-mukha Nandin Nir-äbhäsa Nir-anjana r

Shraddh-ärthin Go-säkshin Niräbhäsa Vishuddh-ottama-


Nir-ähärin Nitya bodha

Puräna prabhu

Sattva bhrit Bhüta shankara Ham(sa säkshin Sattva vid


Vishäl-äksha Dharma vardhana Bhoktri


Bhogär'ha sampanna


The Observer of celibacy. Placed in the heart. The One who is never idle.

The Dispeller of unhappiness caused by desire.

The Spirit which animates all living creatures. Beyond worldly attachments and death. The Final Absorption into the Supreme.

The Most Excellent of all beings. The Rejoicer.

Devoid of false appearances. Simple, pure and unblemished. The One who pursues the goal with faith. The Witness of the Sushumna Nadi. Without any deception or falseness.

The highest untainted purity of the Guru.

The One who abstains from food. Constantly in the Awakened State.

The Ancient Master, ('Sai Baba' and 'Lao Tsu' also have the same meaning)

Maintaining a state of being in the highest reality. Compassionate and beneficent to all beings. The Witness, with pure and swanlike discrimination. The Knower of the Essence of Existence on Sattva Guna.

The Embodiment of all Knowledge.

The One who has a perfect perception of the Spirit.

The One who has powerful eyes. The One who strengthens Dharma. The One who experiences enjoyment.

The Embodiment of that which is to be enjoyed. Perfectly acquainted with the highest enjoyment.

Radiant with the enjoyment of knowledge.

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