The One whose eyes are the Sun and Moon.

The One who is fulfilled within.

Completely fulfilled without.

The fulfilled Spirit and the Essence of satisfaction.

The One whose upper abdomen is the sky.

Worshipped by even the Immortal Gods.

He whose nature is profound.

The Embodiment of Compassion.

Shining brilliantly with discernment and knowledge.

The Eternal God Almighty.

Leading us to Supreme Happiness.

The One who annihilates ignorance.

The One who gives constant support and contentment.

The Remover of hypocrisy, pride and intoxication.

The One who eradicates the attributes of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

The Destroyer of feverish mental activity. The One who eradicates divisiveness and silly arguments.

The One who is free of entrapping conditionings.

The One who has stilled all desire.

The One without ego.

The Remover of anxiety and pain.

The One who makes devotees desireless and guileless.

Of Boundless Courage.

The One who makes an end of racism, caste and other divisions.

The Great Sage.

The Great Yogi.

Shining with the light of Yoga.

The Destroyer of the arrogance of those who have no Divine Connecton.

Eternally Liberated.

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