Nityananda kar varabhaya kar saundarya ratnakar

You are eternally blissful and free from fear and an ocean of loveliness. Nir-dhut-akhila ghora pavana kari pratyaksha maheshwar!,

You remove even constant torment and sins O Supreme Goddess manifest, Praley-achala vansha pavana kari, Kashipur-adhlshwarl, Dissolving delusion, purifying deceit, O Empress of Kashi (Varanasi) Bhiksham dehi krip-avalambana-kar!, Matanna Purneshwar!, (1)

Who is the sustenance of our bodies, O Kindly One on whom we depend, He Mata Nirmal-eshwarl. O Mother Anna-Purna.

O Supreme Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

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