OM sakshat ShrI Bhoomi Devi namo namaha

Upon You, Beloved Mother Earth, We stand at this the crossroads of man's destiny. Only through Your Kind Love of Your children are we here now. You have graciously sustained us thus far. You have given us food, water, clothing and shelter. O Beloved Mother Earth, with our heads bowed we thank You. And with our heads bowed we come humbly to You asking further Sustenance and strength for the many long days ahead. O Beloved Mother Earth, now that we have grown a little and Stand firmer each day, we pray to You to help clear the way, As we begin to march forwards.

We long for the cleansing of all lands, So that upon You, Beloved Mother Earth, The righteous may return to their Divine home. We hope to be many. O Beloved Mother Earth, give us patience As we search for our brothers and sisters. Give us detachment from all distractions. Give us perseverance in our task.

O Beloved Mother Earth, most of all, help us, as Your seas cleanse the shores, To clean our hearts, so that we may desire only that which is right. O Beloved Mother Earth, support us so that we may soon stand Upon You in great numbers and invoke with one mighty voice The Dance of Lord Shiva. These things we most humbly pray.

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