Parama sundara

Endowed with all success and power. The One who grants self-realisation. The Ocean of Compassion. The God of all Divine qualities. Having a beautiful form. Of huge and unusual appearance. Reddish-brown coloured.

The Lord of all quests.

Fierce and formidable.

Terrifying to evil-doers.

The Remover.

Happy and auspicious.

The Overseer of the Ganas.

The Supreme Lord of the Ganas.

The One who is worshipped by the Ganas.

The Controller of the Ganas.

The One whose form is light.

The Spirit that resides in all creatures.


Calm and Consistent.

The Preceptor of Shri Karttikeya.

The Supreme Bliss.

The Protector of the meek.

The One extolled in the Vedas.

Having a snake as a sacred thread.

Hard to look at.

Fond of the young sprouts of Durva grass.

Sporting moon on forehead.

The Support of everything.

The Son of Lord Shiva.

The Peerless Remover of Obstacles.

The One on whose manifestation the whole cosmic drama depends.


Supremely Beautiful.

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