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Hell Really Exists

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And She took many incarnations to save the world, Gods, and human beings from demons. In modern times, demons of the past have come with decent and attractive appearances. Man has become a slave of his nature and goes to extremes to accomplish his ambitions, ending in disaster. The Ocean of Love as the Divine Mother is, She has again decended onto this world, on the 21st March, 1923, to save mankind (21 st March is the Spring equinox, when day and night are equal). Perhaps She has taken the birth on this day to correct imbalance even at the cosmic level.

Adi Shankaracharya has said 'Your right eye being the embodiment of the sun creates day, Your left eye being the embodiment of the moon creates night, your third eye radiant like the slightly open golden lotus, creates twilight'. He also says that due to collyrium that the Mother wears, Her eyes become tri-coloured - The streak of red, the natural white colour of the eyes and the black of the collyrium. They look like the triad of the three quantities - Raja, Sattwa and Tama.

O Mother, You are not only correcting the imbalances of the people, but are also freely distributing the Divine Bliss which could be enjoyed by very few in the past after great efforts. May thousands and thousands more come and drink the nectar that is flowing from Your Lotus Feet. Proximity to Your Lotus Feet is Moksha and You are so kind that You are present in our hearts the very moment we remember You. O Mother, pray, kindly keep this form of Yours for years and years, so that all seekers get their salvation and Mother Earth is relieved from all evil. What can we offer in Puja when You are everywhere and everything, including our Selves?

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