Prayer to Shri Mah saraswat

Ya kundendu tushara Hara dhavala Ya shubhra vastr-anvita, Ya vTna vara dan)d)a

Mandita kara Ya shweta padmasana.

Ya Brahm-achyuta r

Shankara pra-bhriti-bhir

Devaihi sada vandita, Sa mam patu Saraswat!

Bhagavat! Nih:shesha jad)y-apa-ha.

You are adorned with a snow white Garland of jasmine flowers, You are enveloped in a white sari, You hold a veena, a sceptre and grant boons With your decorated hands. You are seated in a white lotus, You are praised by all the deities including, Shr" Brahma, Shri Vishnu and Shri Shiva, You are the Devi eternally adored by devotees, Protect me constantly, O Goddess, Who is replete with all good qualities, And completely destroy all our ignorance.



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Shri Hanum n Ch lis

Written by Saint Tulsidas, c. 1640

Chalisa means 40, as there are 40 stanzas. Short a at the end of words and before long vowels is shown by a full stop, 'ai' and 'au' are double sounds 'a-i 'and 'a-u'.

The Hanuman Chalisa commences with an invocation to the Guru in the Dohathe (success giving) form of Shri Hanuman. Shri Hanuman raises the devotee to his own level of excellence, which is a perpetual state of beatitude.

Tulsidas says:

Shrï Guru charan. saroj. raj., I bow to the Lotus Feet of the Divine Guru, Nij. manu mukuru sudhäri. May the dust of Your Feet clean the mirror of my mind.

Bar.naüm Raghubar. bimal. jasu, Now I will describe the pure glory of Shri

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