Prayer to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Om Manas-twam Vyomas-twam Om You are the Mind, You are the Ether, Marud-asi Marut-sarthir-asi You are the Air and the Fire, Twam Apas Twam Bhumis You are the Water and the Earth, Twayi Parinatayam nahi param You manifest as this Universe, with no other, Twameva Swatmanam pari na Solely from Your own nature. Mayitam Vishwa-vapusha You composed the Form of this Universe, r

Chit-ananda karam Shiva O, Auspicious Giver of the Bliss of Awareness,

Yuvati Bhavan-bibhrushe O, Ever-youthful Maintainer of existence.

gjSKMaaio^ rci^cj ^TTSTTrC

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