Prayer to the Divine Mother

From the Saundarya Lahari by Shri #di Shankaracharya

Japo jalpaha shilpam sakalamapi mudr-avi-rachana, Gatiha pradakshinya kramana-mashana dyahuti vidhiha, Pranamaha san-veshaha sukhama-khilam-atmarpana-drusha, Sa-pary-aparyayas tava bhavatu yanme vilasitam.

Through the sight of Self surrender, let my prattle become recitation of Your name; The movement of my limbs, gestures of Your worships; My walk, perambulation around You; My food, sacrificial offering to You; My lying down, prostration to You; Whatever I do for my pleasure,

Let it become transformed into an act of worship to You.

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