Preta deha karnapra Preta pan sumekhala

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The Supreme Source of illusion and confusion.

The Divine Mother with beautiful teeth.

The Upholder of the different ages of the world.

The Goddess with lovely eyes.

The Divine Mother of many-coloured eyes.

The One gifted with large eyes.

The Three-eyed Consort of Lord Shiva.

The One whose face shines like the autumn moon.

Tremulously smiling.

With radiant lotus-like eyes.

The Mother who is laughing and happy.

The Goddess with a smiling face.

Speaking sweetly and auspiciously.

Having a sunny, smiling Lotus-like face.

The One with a laughing mouth.

Gifted with loving eloquence.

The Mother with deep-set eyes.

The One who comes from a superior family.

Endowed with unexcelled greatness.

The One gifted with cosmic speech.

The Purest Wisdom.

The Holy Mother of slow intellect.

The Killer of Chanda, the Demon.

The Impetuous Destroyer of the demons, Chanda and Munda.

The Violent and Furious Goddess

The Destroyer of the demonic passions of Your devotees.

Passionate to preserve the universal chastity. Swift and Furious.

The One with beautiful long dark hair.

The One who wears Her hair loose and dishevelled.

Having long flowing hair.

Endowed with magnificent breasts.

Having dead bodies as ear ornaments.

Wearing a girdle of dead hands.

Pret-asana Priya preta

Preta bhflmi krit-alaya ||

Shmashana vasin!

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