Pta tribhuvana Japa Jangama Jangama dhara Jala rpa Jagad dhita Jahnu putri Jagan mata Siddha Ramya

The Liberator of the Three Afflictions.

Protector of the sick and suffering who come to you for refuge.

Giving complete spiritual emancipation.

Resorted to for acquisition of success or magic powers.

The Destroyer of sin.

Having a pure body.

The Embodiment of the Supreme Spirit.




Bestowing merit.

Possessing or producing merit.

Worshipped by Indrani, the wife of Indra.


The Purifier of the Three Worlds. Muttering, whispering. Moving, alive.

Support or substratum of what lives or moves. Consisting of water.

Friend or benefactor of what lives or moves. The Daughter of Jahnu. The Mother of Bhisma. Holy.

Delightful, beautiful.

Uma-kara kamala sanjata Born from the same lotus as Shri Parvati -a poetic way of saying that they are sisters. Agnyana timira bhanu A light amid the darkness of ignorance.

Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri NirmalaDevyaiNamo Namaha

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