Qualities of the three Shaktis

ShrT Maha-laks)hmT , the Power of the Central Channel, is the Bestower of our spiritual ascent and the highest knowledge, as well as well-being and satisfaction on all levels. She is gentle and very peaceful. Our spiritual ascent can only take place from a strong foundation of peace and satisfaction within, which comes from observing Dharma (the duties appropriate to the different roles we play) and surrendering our material, emotional and spiritual well-being into the hands of God.

Shri Maha-lakshmi took incarnation as Shri Fatima, the daughter of Shri Mohammad, Shri STta and Shri Radha, and Mother Mary, among others.

ShrT Maha-saraswatT is the power of speech, thought and creativity. She manifests as action expressing love and spiritual knowledge, as Emotional Intelligence, using our powers of thought etc. to spread enlightenment, joy and peace around us.

ShrT Hanuman is a powerful warrior with a monkey-like face. His quality is absolute devotion to God (as Shri Rama) and he loves to sing songs in praise of the Divine. He is Hermes the messenger of the Gods and the arch-angel Gabriel.

ShrT Maha-kalT is the Aspect of the Supreme Goddess who protects us from evil. She is angry and ferocious towards negativity which tries to trouble us, and is beautiful, sweet and loving to Her children. Being the Supreme Devi as the Consort of Lord Sadashiva, She is the Iccha Shakti, the Power of Desire, who stirs us up to achieve our ascent, and gives us shocks if we are too stupid. ShrT Bhairava is an Aspect of Lord Shiva Himself, as the general of the Divine Army and is also depicted as extremely fierce when confronting evil and very sweet and beautiful to true devotees of the Truth. He is the archangel Michael, St. George, and incarnated as Kabir and William Blake among others.

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