R mraksha or R ma Kavacha

(Proctection of Shri Rama)

In the beginning one should meditate on Lord Rama, putting one's attention on the right heart.

The physical description of Lord Rama is as follows:

His hands are very long, reaching His knees; He is holding a bow and arrow in His hands, sitting on a throne and wearing yellow clothes. His eyes are like fresh lotus petals and He is happy as He looks at His wife, Shri S!ta who is sitting on His left. His skin is the colour of a water-filled cloud (dusky blue). His hair is very long and His body is covered with different ornaments.

1) Lord Rama's character is so vast that we could write 1000 million verses describing it, every word of it capable of destroying the greatest sins of human beings.

2) A wise man should learn this praise of Lord Rama (called Ram-raksha) by heart.

3) The qualities of Lord Rama are described as follows: His skin has a dusky blue colour and His eyes are like lotuses, big and joy-giving. Beside Him is Shri Lakshmana and His wife Shri S!ta. He is decorated with a crown of braided hair. He has a sword in one hand and a bow and arrow in the other and on His back spare arrows to kill the Rakshasas. He is beyond birth and death, His powers have no limits and by His powers He has incarnated as Lord Rama. He is capable of destroying all negative forces and fulfilling all our desires.

4) May Lord Rama, who is born in the famous line of Raghu-raja, protect my head.

May Lord Rama, the Son of King Dasharatha, protect my forehead.

5) May Lord Rama, Son of Queen Kausalya, protect both my eyes. May Lord Rama, the favourite disciple of Lord Vishwamitra, protect both my ears.

May Lord Rama, the protector of the Havan of Lord Vishwamitra, protect my nose.

May Lord Rama, who loves His brother Shri Lakshmana, protect my mouth.

6) May Lord Rama, who holds all knowledge, protect my tongue. May Lord Rama, who is worshipped by Shri Bharata, protect my throat. May Lord Rama, who possesses all the powerful weapons, protect my shoulders.

May Lord Rama, who broke the strong bow during the Swayamvara of Shri STta, protect both my arms.

7) May Shri STta's Husband, Lord Rama, protect my hands. May Lord Rama, who won against Shri Parashu-rama, protect my heart. May Lord Rama, who destroyed the Rakshasa named Khara, protect the centre of my body.

May Lord Rama, who gave refuge to Jambavan, protect my navel.

8) May Lord Rama, who is the Lord of SugrTva, protect my waist. May Lord Rama, who is the Lord of Shri Hanuman, protect my groin. May Lord Rama, who is the Destroyer of the lineage of the Rakshasas, protect my thighs.

9) May Lord Rama, who built a bridge over the seas, protect my knees. May Lord Rama, who destroyed the ten-faced Ravana, protect my calves. May Lord Rama, who gave Raja-lakshmT to BibhTshana, protect my feet. May Lord Rama, who gives joy to everyone, protect my body.

10) Anyone who learns this Rama Kavacha, which is full of the Power of Lord Rama, will live a long life, will be contented and happy, will have sons and will succeed wherever he goes, gifted with humility.

11) Anyone who has the protection of this Rama Kavacha will be saved from the evil spirits of dead people living on the Earth, in the sky or in Hell.

12) Anyone who remembers the name of Lord Rama as Ram, Ramchandra or Rambhadra, never falls prey to sin, will experience all types of well-being and in the end is liberated (i.e. he gets his Self-Realisation).

13) This Ramraksha or Ramakavacha is as strong as the iron cage of Lord Indra, hence it is also called Vajrapanjar.

14) The one who recites this Ramraksha triumphs wherever he goes, is blessed and obeyed by all.

15) This Ramraksha was recited by Lord Shiva in the dreams of Sage Budhakaushika, and he wrote it down in the morning of the following day, exactly as told.

16) Lord Rama is like a beautiful garden of nectar-giving trees. Lord Rama - who is the Destroyer of all our troubles and worries and who is praised throughout the three Lokas (Earth, Sky and Heaven) - is our God Almighty.

17) Lord Rama and His Brother Shri Lakshmana, who are the heads of the Raghu dynasty, protect us.

18) Lord Rama and Shri Lakshmana are described as follows: Young, handsome, well-built, very strong and courageous. Their eyes are like lotuses and They wear a pTtambar (yellow dhoti). They eat roots and herbs, They have gained mastery over the organs of Their bodies and appear spiritually evolved. They are celibate, They protect all the animals and are great warriors with the bow and arrow. They have destroyed the dynasty of the Rakshasas.

19) May Lord Rama and His Brother Shri Lakshmana who have a bow and arrow ready in Their hands and many arrows on their backs, walk in front of me on my path to protect me.

20) May Lord Rama, who is always on guard, having a bow and arrow and club, who is always guiding our minds and who, with Shri Lakshmana, is omnipresent in the Universe, protect us.

One who takes the names of Lord Rama in the different forms now given gets many blessings from Lord Rama.

The different names of Lord Rama are:

ShrT Rama The One who gives joy

Dasharatha The Son of King Dasharatha r

Shura The Hero

Lakshman-anuchara The One whose servant is Shri Lakshmana

Bala Who is strong

Kakutstha The Descendant of Shri Kakutstha

Purusha Who is a great man

Purna The Purnabrahma (the entire Universe)

Kausalyeya The Son of Kausalya

Ragh-uttama The Highest of the Raghu dynasty.

Vedanta-vedya Who has very great knowledge

Yagnyesha The Lord of havanas Purana-purush-ottama The ideal human being.

JanakT-vallabha The Dear One of Shri S!ta r

ShrT-man The Possessor of everything

Aprameya-parakrama A warrior without equal.

25) One who praises Lord Rama, having dark blue skin, eyes like lotuses, who wears a pltambar (yellow dhoti), is freed from the bondage of sin and death.

26) Lord Rama, who is the elder brother of Shri Lakshmana and the highest of the Raghu dynasty, the Husband of Shri S!ta, who is very handsome, full of compassion and who is replete with good qualities, who loves brahmanas (realised souls), who is very dharmic, who is the King, the lover of Truth, Son of King Dasharatha, whose skin is beautiful and whose personality is peaceful, who gives joy to others, who decorates the Raghu dynasty like kum-kum on the forehead and who is the enemy of Ravana, I bow to you.

27) I bow to the Husband of Shri STta who is known also as Shri Ram, Rambhadra, Ramchandra, Vedhas, Raghunath and Natha.

28) O! Lord Rama, who is the elder brother of Shri Bharata, who is firm in battle, be our protector!

29) I worship the Feet of Lord Rama in my mind. I praise the Feet of Lord Rama. I bow at the Feet of Lord Rama. I surrender at the Feet of Lord Rama.

30) Lord Rama is my Mother and my Father. He is my Lord and my Friend. So also the ever-compassionate Lord Rama is everything to me and I do not even know anyone else at all.

31) I bow to Lord Rama on whose right side is Shri Lakshmana, and on whose left is King Janaka's daughter Shri STta.

32) Lord Rama, who gives joy to everybody, who fights courageously on the battlefield, whose eyes are like lotuses, who is the Greatest of the Raghu dynasty and who is the compassionate Lord; I surrender to You.

33) Shri Hanumana, who flies in the sky as he wills, who is as swift as the wind, who has mastered and controls his senses and organs, who is the Most Intelligent of all, who is the Chief of the monkeys, who is the Son of the Lord of the Wind and who is the messenger of Lord Rama; I surrender to You.

34) Sage ValmTki, who sits on a tree branch in the form of a cuckoo, chanting 'Ram Ram' in a beautiful voice; I bow to you.

35) Lord Rama, who is the Destroyer of all our troubles, who gives us wealth and who gives joy to the people; I bow to You again and again.

36) When we say 'Ram Ram' and worship Lord Rama, it makes us detached from worldly problems, makes us the witness, helps us to encounter material well-being and frightens away the messengers of Shri Yama (God of death).

37) I worship the Husband of Shri STta, Lord Rama, who gains always the Victory.

I bow to Lord Rama who has killed the army of Rakshasas. I consider no-one greater than Lord Rama and I am His servant. Lord Rama, let my attention be always on Your Being and may You help me to evolve.

38) Shri Shiva tells Shri Parvati 'One who takes the Name of Lord Rama and worships Him, with such a person I am pleased.' This Praise of Lord Rama is equal to the Vishnu-sahasra-nama. Thus the Rama-kavacha written by Sage Budha-kaushika comes to an end and may it be offered at the Feet of Lord Rama.

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