Raghupati kTnhTm bahut badaTShri Raghupatipraised You very Tum mam priya Bharathi sam bhaT highly You are as dear to me as

Bharat,' He said.

13) Sahas. badan. Tumharo yash. gavain, 'The thousand faced Shesha sings hymns r

As. kahi ShrTpatT kanth. lagavain. in Your praise', The Lord of Lakshmi said, pressing You to His heart.

14) Sanak-!dik. Brahmâdi munis!, The God-realised saint Sanaka, along with Narad. Sârad. sahit. ahis!. Shri Narada and Sharada sings Your praise.

15) Jam. Kuber. Dikpal. jahanté. The Gods of Death, Wealth, and Protection Kavi kovid. kahi saké kahanté. as well as great poets and scholars have all failed to sing fully of Your glories, How can this poet give expression to Your excellence?

16) Tum. up.kar. Sugriva-hin kinha, You helped Sugriva and brought him to Ram. milaya raja-pad. dinha. Lord Rama; Thus You retrieved his lost kingship for him.

17) Tumharo mantra Vibhishana mana, Vibhishana listened to Your advice and Lankeshwar. bhaye sab. jag. jana. became the King of Lanka; the whole world knows this.

18) Yug. sahasra yojan. par. bhanu, The Sun is twelve thousandyojans away, Lilyo tahi madhur. phal. jailli. You mistook it for a sweet fruit and tried to swallow it.

19) Prabhu mudrika meli mukh. mahin, No wonder that putting Lord Rama's ring Jaladhi laghin. gaye acharaj. nahin. in Your mouth, You leapt across the sea.

20) Durgam. kaj. jagat. ke jete, All difficult tasks of the world are Sugam. anugraha Tumhare tete. rendered easy, with Thy Grace.

21) Ram. duare Tum. rakh.ware, You guard the doorsteps of Lord Rama, Hot. na agnya binu paisare. No one can enter His presence without

Your permission.

22) Sab. sukh. lahain Tumhari sarana, All happiness lies in seeking refuge at Tum. rakshak. kahu ko darana. Your feet, When You are the protector, why should one fear?

23) )pan. tej. samharo apai, You alone can control the great power Tinom lok. hank. te kampai. You possess, All the three worlds

24) Bhut. pisach. nikat*. nahin avain, Evil spirits do not dare to come near one

Mahavir. jab. nam. sun a vain. who recites Your name, O Great Warrior tremble at Your call.

25) Nasai rog. harai sab. pira, All disease and pain are destroyed by the Japat. nirantar. Hanumat. vira. constant repetition of the name of valiant

Shri Hanuman.

26) Sankat*. ten Hanuman. chhuravain, Hanuman delivers a person from misery

Man. kram. bachan. dhyan. jo lavain. if he meditates on Him in thought, word and action.

27) Sab. par. Ram. tapasv! raja, Lord Rama is the Detached Ruler of the Tinake kaj. sakal. Tum. saja. universe, You brought to fruition all His enterprises.

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