Rakta srishti vidhyin

Loving Your Creation of time. The Spirit that creates all times and ages The One who generates the birth of all time. The one who instigates the arising of all the worlds.

Always Propitiated with Kunda flowers. Ever Pleased by the offering of Gola flowers.

Enjoying Your creation of Kunda and Gola -flowers.

The Soul that created Kunda and Gola flowers.

The Preserver of Purity.

Having a bright white form.

Residing in the ocean of clarity.

The Home of all purity and brightness.

The Enjoyment of the essence of purity.

Unceasingly delighted by worship of all that is spotless.

Reclining on an ocean of blood, in the heart. The One who enjoys amorous pastimes. Always pleased with the worship of all that is red. The Worship of red, as the colour of love. The Fire Sacrifice Resident in blood.

Fond of Your children who are warm-hearted. The Embodiment of the colour red. Red-bodied.

Like a parent to those who worship red. Shining red.

Eager for love and affection.

The Goddess expressing passionate red Beauty

Expressing the qualities of blood, red and love.

Worthy of red-spirited love.

Adored as the cave of blood, the heart.

All Ties of blood and love.

The Existence of blood relationship.

Performing the production of blood.

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