Embodied as pure whiteness.

The Body of all that is pure and white.

The One having Parent-like love for worshippers of purity and whiteness.

Seated in a halo of purity and whiteness.

All that is white and shining.

Ardently aspiring for all that is pure and clean.

The Mother of phenomenal purity and beauty.

Bathing in the essence of eternal grace and purity.

The Generative Power of whiteness.

The White Goddess adored by the pure in heart.

Transcendent Purity.

Existing in all that is pure and pious.

Producing purifying rain.

Named as the spirit of purity and piety.

Worthy of worship as purity.

Adored by followers who cherish purity and holiness.

The Cause of the Bliss that comes with Purity. | The Stream of eternal joy of purity. The Blossoming of the joy of purity and piety. Eternally full of purity and clarity. Of very pleasing whiteness. The only valued possession of those who worship sacredness.

The Destroyer of those who abuse the pure-hearted.

The Soul of purity and sacredness.

The One who draws the pure to become purer.

Giving the best of everything.. The Life-force of Your worshippers.

Having a heart and mind devoted to Your devotees.

The Entire Property of those who achieve the highest state.

The One who accomplishes everything.

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