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Natural Sweetness, residing in the heart of Your devotees as Bliss.

Worshipped by the wise and the brave, meaning You cannot be worshipped by the cowardly and the stupid. Of Supreme Generosity, readily responding to the prayers of Your devotees. Ever present, continuous.

Transcending all created universes, seated above Sahasrara.

Having Peace as Your Essence. Devotees with their minds at peace are Your abode. The One whose sport is the Universe, as the entire creation is Your play.

The Eternal All-pervading Ever-auspicious Shri Sadashiva.

All Forms of Nourishment, nurturing every living being with Divine Vibrations. Luminous like the moon. Effulgent like the sun.

The Purest Sacred Form which washes away all sins. The Goddess who contains the entire Universe being the Mother of the Universe.

The Power of Consciousness that dispels ignorance and confusion.

The Silent Witness of the action of the Universe.

Pure and Untouched.

The Giver of boons, even to the Trimurtis.

Charming and Playful; the Universe is for Your pleasure and You, at Your pleasure, either open or close the way to Self-realisation.

The Element of Success in all actions.

The Divine Mother who loves Her devotees as Her children.

The Grantor of spontaneous Self-realisation.

The One who establishes the Universal Pure Religion.

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