Sahasra srya sanksh

Soft-hearted and responsive like water.

The Great Goddess of brilliant lustre.

The Enjoyer of perfect non-duality.

The most-revered and worshipped Mother

The Spirit of eternal Youth.

All Auspiciousness.

The Cause of all love and affection.

Whatever is enjoyable or useful.

The Support of the universe.

The One who devours flesh symbolizing worldly attachments.

The Source of all fear and doubt. The Remover of all sins and vices. Unblemished Beauty. Captivating and Subjugating all hearts. Ambition.

Manifesting the spirit of universal desire.

The New Moon.

The Shakti of Shri Indra.

Swift as the wind.

Blazing like a thousands suns.

Chandra koti samaprabha | Likened in luster to ten million moons.

*Nishumbha shumbha san- The Slayer of the demons, Shumbha and

-hartr! Nishumbba.

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