Saisha grahanakshatrajyotimshi kalakashhadi kalarupinT Tam aham pranaumi nityam

She is the eight-fold Goddess of Wealth and the eleven Bringers of Disease and Disaster, She is the twelve Divine Sons of Aditi (the Devas),

She is all the Devas, those that drink the Soma and those that drink not, She is the Giver of Wealth to the demons and the Power of the Rakshasas and sorcerers, She is the three attributes of Truth, Passion and Desire, She takes the Form of the Trimurtis, Shri Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, She is Prajapati, Lord of Creation, Indra, King of the Gods and Manu, the first man, She is the Light ofplanets and constellations, and of the Form of measures of time; to Her who is the great 'I am', I prostrate eternally.

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