Sakshat Shr Adi Shakti Mataj Shr Nirmala Devyai namo namaha

Who are manifested in person as Our Beloved Mother Shri Mataj" Nirmala Dev",

Salutations to You again and again.

'Shri Rama is the embodiment of all the good qualities in a man, like Sankoch- Sankoch means restraintin a wise way- enlightened restraint-how far to go is the question. Shri Rama being Sankochi means He's a man full of Grace- that He would go to any extent to bear upon Himself the problems, than to tell others to do something- this is one of the greatest qualities of Shri Rama.'

Dasshera Puja, Switzerland

4th Oct 1987.

'There are many Sahaja Yogis who really feel this world is horrible and something must be done- Sahaja Yoga must be brought in- but how many of you are really putting that into action? -absolutely into action? Without that your Rama tattwa cannot be improved. Shri Rama's tattwa is only improved when you put put all the things into action-that's exactly what Shri Rama did.'

Shri Rama's B'day, Chelsham Road,

2nd April 1982.

Adi Shakti Namo Namah

Om Twameva sakshat r

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