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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The Supreme Lord said:

Whoever recites this hundred names to the Goddess of Lotus face, at evening-time and at break of day, Such a one pleases Mother Durg! and Becomes dear to the excellent Shri Sati (Parvati).

You are:

The Daughter of King Daksha and First Wife of Lord

Shiva who consumes Herself with fire;

having all the qualities of a Devoted Wife and being the most excellent Abode of Truth.

The Bearer of all virtues.

Loved by Lord Shiva

The very amiable Consort of Lord Shiva

The One who releases us from worldly existence.

Most honourable and noble.

The Goddess who is hard to attain.

The Goddess of victory.

The Primordial Goddess.


Wielding a trident. Carrying a bow. Of many excellent forms.

Ringing a bell fiercely to instil fear in evil-doers.

The One who practices great austerities.

The Psyche as combination of heart and mind.

The Intellect and Understanding.

The Sense of individuality, the illusion of ego.

Taking the form of thought.


Understanding and reflection. Existing as the power of all mantras.

T^jSKMaaio^ rci^cj ^TTSTTrC

Satta All existence.

Satyananda swa-rupin! | Characterised by blissful immersion in the ultimate reality.


The Fulfilment of all good qualities. What we aspire to become. What is destined to be and what is not. || The Eternal Refuge.

The Beneficent Wife of Lord Shiva.




Bhavy-abhavya Sada gat!h r


Deva mata Chinta Ratna priya Sada |

Sarva vidya Daksha kanya Daksha yagnya-



Aneka varna Pat*ala


The Mother of the Gods.

Thoughts, cares and reflection. "

Fond of jewels.


All knowledge.

The Daughter of King Daksha.

The One who destroyed King Daksha's sacrifice when he did not honour Shri Shiva. The One who performed severe Tapas to win the love of Lord Shiva. Manifesting in many styles. Rose-pink in colour.

Surrounded by roses and pink lotuses.

Pat*t*ambara pari-dhana Clothed in the finest silk.

Kamal-anj!ra ranjin! Ameya vikrama Krura Sundar!

Sura-sundar! |



Matanga muni pujita

Brahm! Maheshwar! Aindr! Kaumar!

Vaishnav! |

|| Adorned with Lotus-blossoms. Of immeasurable valour. Formidable. Beautiful. Radiant Beauty. The Goddess of the forest. The Mother of all the tribes of elephants. || Worshipped by the sage Matanga.

The Shakti of Lord Brahma. The Power of Lord Shiva. The Shakti of Lord Indra. The Shakti of Shri Karttikeya. The Shakti of Shri Vishnu.












Bahula prema

The Goddess who destroys the demons. The Shakti of Shri Vishnu in His boar form. The Goddess who gives wealth and well-being. Having a human figure. Unsullied and spotless.

Of elevated character.

The Highest Spiritual Knowledge.



The Giver of enlightened intelligence. Abundant.

Overflowing with love.

Sarva vahana vahana || Riding on every vehicle.

*Nishumbha shumbha- The Destroyer of the demons Nishumbha and Shumbha -hanan!

*Mahish-asura mardin! | The Crusher of the evil Mahisha (false Sai Baba).

*Madhu kaitabha hantr! The Bane of the demons Madhu and Kaitabha. *Chanda munda-

-vinashin! || *Sarv-asura vinasha *Sarva danava ghatin! Sarva shastra may! Satya

Sarv-astra dharin! || Aneka shastra hasta Anek-astrasya dharin! Kumar!




Apraudha Praudha Vriddha mata Bala-prada |

The Eradicator of the Rakshasas Chanda and Munda. The One who grinds all evil forces into the dust. | The Slayer of all the demons. In the form of all religious knowledge. The Utimate Reality. Wielding all the weapons

Having the many forms of learning in Your hands. | The Bearer of many different weapons. The Virgin Goddess.

The un-excelled Virgin. The youthful Goddess. Having the appearance of a girl. One who has restrained the senses. Having the form of a young unmarried girl. Appearing as an older married woman. Taking form as a grown-up Mother. The Giver of strength.

T^jSKMaaio^ rci^cj ^TTSTTrC

Mahodari Mukta keshT

Ghora rupa


Agni jvala

Raudra mukhT







Having a large belly.

The One who wears Her hair loose and flowing.

Having a terrifying form. Of very great strength. Blazing with fire. Fierce-faced.

The Dark Night of the final dissolution.

The One who undergoes austerities.

The Shakti of Shri Vishnu, Shri Mahalakshmi.

The Auspicious Mother of dark hue.

The One who announces the Divine Incarnations.

In whose belly are all the waters of the Earth.

Shiva dutT





The Messenger of Lord Shiva.

Having a very dreadful aspect with mouth gaping wide. Eternal. | The Supreme Goddess.

The Goddess born from the brilliance of all the gods to destroy the evil Mahish-asura and his followers. SavitrT The life-giving Power of the Sun.

Pratyaksha The Overseer of the Universe.

Brahma vadinT || The One who disseminates the knowledge of the identity of this whole universe with the Parabrahma.

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