Sarva sammoha karin rdhv tejasvin

The Source of all desire.

The One who gives life to desires.

The Inner Core of the God of Love.

Delightful, Pleasing and Beautiful

The Consort of Shri Shiva Dancing

The Fabulous Gem, fulfilling all desires.

The Mythical Creeper, fulfilling all desires.

The Awakener of the higher Self.

The Lover of the miserable and afflicted.

The Holiest Month of Kartika, in October and


The Achiever of all outcomes. The Goddess to be worshipped for all success. Irresistible, Indivisible and Unchanging. Of good advice.

The Power of Mantras invoking the Gods. Perfect.

The Joyful Mother. The Redeemer of all suffering. The Mother of the three worlds. The Eldest of All.

Having the form of the Mimansa Philosophy, a system of mantras for sacrifice etc. Having a stomach like a deep pool of water. Wearing a garland of dried up skulls.

The Soul of Avanti and Mathura, great centres of pilgrimage.

The One who purifies the three worlds by Her forebearance.

The Supreme Goddess as the Essence of all manifested and unmanifested forms. Whose tremendous sound inspires all sorts of fear in the wicked.

The Creator of peace and prosperity.

The Wife of Shri Shiva, conferring Prosperity and Auspiciousness

The Cause of all illusion and confusion. Reflecting Your brilliance upward.

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