Sarvananda swarupin

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Contentment and Satisfaction. Prosperity and Comfort. Constancy and Contentment. Forgiving. Intelligent

All Intelligence, Discrimination and Enlightenment.

The Supreme Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth, the Dynamic Spirit of evolution and Consort of Shri Vishnu. The Treasure-house of universal wealth. The Dark-Blue Goddess of all learning and knowledge. The River-like flow of compassion. The White-Dressed Mother of supreme knowledge, The Mother of the elephant tribe and of Sage Vasishfha. The Triumph of virtue over evil. The Dynamic Spirit of triumph

The River Indus and all four of the sacred rivers of India.

The Spirit of the entire creation. The Supreme Saviour of all.

The Spirit of cosmic void, the Indweller of nothingness.

All Sanctity and Chastity

Restless like the waves.

Intelligence and wisdom.

Taking the form of a Tantric Goddess

Of abundant forms.

All that is gross and material.

All that is subtle and spiritually blessed.

The Subtlest of all Subtlety.

The Adorable Supreme Goddess as the Source of the six Divine Virtues.

The Personification of Music, inspiring love.

The Highest Image of Divine Bliss.

The Highest Form of consciousness and benign bliss.

The Joy and Bliss of all.

The Ever-living, Ever-enjoying and Ever-loving Eternal Goddess.

The Innate Nature of universal joy and cheerfulness.

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