Shakha dhara Padma dhara Lla dhara Damodara Govardhana dharin

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The Enjoyer of music.

The Enjoyer of milk.

The Enjoyer of curds.

Fond of honey.

Having a taste for ghee.

The One who adores the Amrut from the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji.

The One who uses the Sudarshan Chakra to protect the seekers.

The Great Warrior.

The One who bestows Valour.

The Master of the art of warfare.

The One who ran away from the battlefield to destroy an enemy.

The Master of the Param Chaitanya.

The Knower of all the tricks and techniques.

The Greatest Person.

The God of the whole universe.

The Great Being of which everything is part and parcel.

The God of Yoga.

The One with fatherly love for the yogis.

The One who describes yoga as the destination.

The One through whom we can communicate Sahaja Yoga.

The Upholder of the flag of Vishwa Dharma.

The One who rides on the condor-like Garuda.

The Weilder of the Mace.

The Bearer of the Conch.

The Holder of the Lotus.

The Upholder of the cosmic play.

The One who is very generous.

The One who lifted the Govardhan mountian to protect the Gopas.

Yoga kshema vahaka Satya bhashin Hita pradayaka Priya bhashin Abhaya pradayaka Bhaya nashaka Sadhaka rakshaka Bhakta vatsala r

Shoka harin Duhkha nashaka *Rakshasa hantri Kuru-kula virodha-ka

Gokul vasin



Yadu-kula shresh'ha Akula

The One who looks after the well-being of the yogis.

The One with all truth within Himself.

The Bestower of benevolence.

The One whose speech is pleasing to the Spirit.

The One who creates fearlessness.

The Destroyer of all fears.

The Protector of the seekers of truth.

The One who loves His devotees.

The Destroyer of grief.

The Destroyer of sorrow.

The Destroyer of demons and false gurus.

The One who opposed the Kuru clan which practiced adharma.

The One who resides in Gokul.

The One who looked after the cows.

The Lord of cowherds.

The Highest of the Yadava clan.

Beyond all family, caste or race.

Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devyai namo namah

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