Shaktih SUktih Matih

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Empowered to give happiness and auspiciousness to all.

The One who pleases everyone

The Fittest of all for adoration and offering prayers.


The Magnificent and Noble Goddess Delighting in the destruction of evil. Wielding a mighty axe. Radiant with multifarious attributes The Cause of bewilderment in life. Having many different forms. Seated on a lotus.

Residing in the lotus and in the Chakras..

The Lotus-faced Mother.

Decorated with lotuses.

The Flesh-eating Imp.

The Spirit of Your female demon attendant.

The Full Moon.

Fond of blood.

All Illusion and Delusion.

The Spirit of universal existence.

The Wife of Shri Shiva in His fierce form.

The Compassionate wife of Shri Shiva.

The Slayer of the enemies of Your devotees.

The Shakti of Shri Vishnu, known as the younger brother of Indra

Consort of Shri Vishnu as the Lord of Indra. Moon-light.

Having the form of the moon

The Spirit of the Sun.

The Divine Spouse of Lord Shiva.

The Supreme Force of Shri Shiva, Nature as the feminine form that gives birth. The Spirit as the masculine seed of creativity. The Creative Energy of Lord Brahma. All eloquence and wise sayings. The Purest Wisdom


The Divine Mother of the universe


Enjoyment, satisfaction and sustenance.


The Source of final liberation of the soul.

Pati vrata ||

The Faithful and Devoted Wife.


The Mighty Mistress of the universe.

Sarva mata

The Blissful Mother of all.


The Wife of Lord Shiva.

Hara vallabha |

The Most Beloved of Shri Shiva.


The Supreme Knower of all that exists


The Giver of all attainments and success.


The Wish-fulfilling Goddess.


All that is Good and Auspicious


The Future and the Imagination.

Bhay-apa-ha ||

The One who wards off fears and doubts.


The Doer of all deeds.


The Remover and the Emancipator.


The Guardian of all living souls and the joy of living.

SharvarT tamasT

Twilight, night and the spirit of restful sleep

Daya |

All compassion and forgiveness


The Ruler of the dark half of the month.


The Spirit of night and rest, ruling the left side.


Fixed and Immovable.


Motionless, solid and permanent.


Eternally patient, forbearing and calm.

TapasvinT ||

The Spirit of the highest penance.


Of very pleasing limbs and body.


The Inconstant Goddess of Fortune.


Having a restless tongue insatiable for the blood of demons.

Charu charittrinT |

Of Pleasing Character, most healing in effect.


Bashfulness and the sense of Shame.


The Supreme Goddess as the embodiment of all bashfulness.


Modesty, Humility and Grace on all levels.


Inflexible and Immodest when dealing with evil.


The Goddess as all shyness and modesty.

RajovatT ||

Having the quality of the passions of the right side that

darken the mind.

Satyavati Dharma nish'hä

320 Shresh'hä

Nis*h-'hura nädini Garish'hä Dusht*ä sam(hartri Vishish'hä

330 Bhih

Prabhä-vati Vägishwari Shri

Yamunä Yagnya kartri Yajuh priyä ||

Shobana swarä | 340 Kala kan'hi Kambu kan'hi Venu vinä paräyanä ||

Vanshini Vaishnavi Swachchhä Dharitri

Jagad-ishwari | Madhu-mati Kundalini 350 Riddhi

Embodying the qualities of truth and goodness. Devoted to righteousness and justice. The Superior and Most Excellent Goddess. Roaring ferociously. Exceedingly Heavy and Most Venerable. The Slayer of the unrighteous who are forgetful of the path. Uncommonly Excellent. Excelling in Auspiciousness. The Epitome of Tenderness and warm feelings. Terrifying to behold. Inspiring fear in the demons. Roaring fiercely.

The Embodiment of fear and alarm. The Glory illuminating the hearts of Your followers. The Mistress of Language.

The Holy and Auspicious Shri Lakshm", Consort of Lord Vishnu and Goddess of all well-being and prosperity. The Dark River, Daughter of Shri Yama, the Lord of Death. The Performer of the fire ceremony that purifies the heart. Fond of the Veda prescribing forms for the fire ceremony.

The One Source of all Vedic Knowledge.

Divine melodies and chanting. Gifted with all pleasing notes and melodies Endowed with a Pleasing Voice. Gifted with a conch-shaped neck

Fond of these stringed instruments noted for creating resonance and sweetness in vibrations. The Flautist of the universe producing soul-stirring music The Shakti of Shri Vishnu, the Mother of preservation. Independent, acting entirely of Your own free will. The Mother Earth that supports all. The Supreme Ruler of the earth. Sweet-natured.

The Coiled Serpent Power of Yoga The Bestower of boons

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