The Lord of the Devas.

The Witness of the whole creation.

Free from all duality Stainless

The One whose manner is always effective.


Immaculately pure.


The Fulfiller of desires.

The Grantor of affection.

The Poet.

The One whose form is Love.

The One who nurtures Pure Desire.

Having eyes like lotuses.

The Possessor of all the arts.

Having a beautiful and auspicious face.

The Giver of Happiness.


| Having the chief of mice as a vehicle. Possessing a long trunk. The Embodiment of Prosperity. Infinite and Eternal.

Free from all illusions. Having a curled trunk. Having ears like winnowing fans. The Divine Cool Breeze. Holy and Purifying. The Most Excellent. The Supreme Yogi.

The One whose Feet are worshipped by Yogis. The Son of Shri Parvat". The Eradicator of evil.


Having a mighty neck.

The One who is to be sought for refuge.

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