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Decorated with beautiful designs..

The Divine Mother as the Wife Of Sage Agastya and the authoress of the Rig Veda.

The Supreme Power of the Gods. Of Unfailing Efficacy.

The Goddess incarnated as the virtuous wife of Sage Vashishtha.

Intense, Fiery and Zealous

The Supreme Enjoyer of the universe.

The Goddess who inspires love.

Slow-moving like parts of the holy river Ganga.

Smiling and gently laughing.

The Flame-faced Goddess.

The Destroyer of demons

The Grantor of honour and fame to Your devotees. High-minded and Proud. The Highest Object of veneration and affection. Worthy to be highly honoured. Intoxicated with love and joy. Like someone drunk from a surfeit of wine. Pure-minded and Vigorous. The Accomplished Mother of refined souls. The One who pleases all. Having a beautiful waist. The Goddess of eternally good qualities. The Highest of the High in all the worlds. The One granting victory to Your worshippers. The Goddess who overcomes everything. Triumphant over evil. The Goddess of Victory.

The Abundant Triumph of wisdom over ignorance. The Giver of auspiciousness and good fortunes. Awarding happiness and bliss to Your devotees. The Eternal Truth. || The Disruptor of King Daksha's fire sacrifice. The Messenger of Lord Shiva.

Bhuti-mat! 450 VibhUtih

Bh!shan-anana Kaumar! Kula-ja Kunt! Kula-str! Kula palika K!rtih Yashas-vin! BhUs*ha 460 BhUshya

BhUta-pati priya Sa-guna Nir-gun! Trishna Nish'ha Kash'ha Pratish'hita Dhanish'ha Dhana-da 470 Dhanya Vasu-dha Su-pra-kashin! Urv! Gurv!

Guru shresh'ha Sad-guna Tri-gun-atmika Rajyam-agnya Maha-pragnya 480 Su-guna




The Dispenser of all Happiness and Welfare. The Powerful Goddess smeared in ashes. Having a huge and terrifying face. The Purest Virgin. Born into a royal family.

The Goddess incarnated as the Mother of the Pandavas.

The Epitome of virtuous womanhood.

Protecting Your family by Your chastity.

Of glorious reputation.

Eternally celebrated and beautiful.

The Greatest Adornment of the universe.

The Highest Goal of all decorative creation.

In love with the Protector of the Spirits, Shri Shiva.

Possessing all good qualities.

The One who is without attributes.

All attachments and allurement.

The Support of steady devotion.

The Highest Goal.

The State of Tranquil Rest.

The Foundation of all wealth.

The Bestower of wealth.

The Supreme object of prosperity.

The Liberal Producer of wealth.

The Shining Light of our lives.

The Expansive Mother Earth.

The Gravity of the Guru.

The Highest Guru.

The Preserver of all true virtue.

The Essence of the three channels and their qualities.

The Supreme Royal Commander.

Supreme Intelligence and Wisdom.

Having all good qualities.

Having no form or attribute whatsoever.

Descended from a royal family.

The Spirit of Desirelessness.

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