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Ever standing.

The Great Power of the Universe. All Life-energy. The Giver of Breath. The Great Assembler. The Fulfiller of all desires. Existent before 'the Word' The Manifest and the Unmanifest. The Success of all Purposes

Giving birth to the principles of creation.

Of the Form of Consciousness.

The Great Power of Divine Illusion

The Power of God in the Creation of the World.

The Supreme Object of meditation.

Giving the accomplishment of our union.

The Beloved Goddess who gives Yoga.

The Beloved of Shri Vishnu.

Venerated by Shri Brahma, Indra and Shiva.

Shiningly Pure

Having the Universe as Your Form

The Mother of all creation.

The Divine Knowledge.

The Great Shakti of Shri Vishnu.

The Golden-hued Goddess of the Right Side.

The Most Beloved of Shri Vishnu.

Gratified by Yoga.

The Supreme Protectress of devotees. Shining like the Full Moon. Remover of anxiety.

The Crusher of devils and demons.

All Refreshment.

The All-pervading Goddess.

The Shining Light.

Giving flavour to Life.

Giving birth to the World.

The Fragrance of Existence.

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